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This Letter was sent to us from a mother of one of our survivors. It is unedited and nothing was omitted except names and other organizations to protect the identity of the individuals and their families. 

March 22, 2023

To whom this letter concerns:

Hello my name is L and I am writing to tell you just how grateful I am to Brandy and Life Recaptured. She has given our family a renewed hope. In the little amount of time that Brandy spent with J, Brandy had told me that through that rough, tough, street person she could see my sweet daughter J. Let me begin by saying J is my baby. My last born of 4 children. My daughter J wrote poetry for the church bulletins. She played sports and loved life. She was 16 and full of ideas for her future. Until the day all our lives changed.

On December 4th of 2006, my daughter J was walking 4 blocks to catch a ride to school with a friend when she was abducted. From this day forward not just J but the whole family has been living in hell. We looked for help through every program we could find. J was diagnosed with PTSD and trauma induced Paranoia Schizophrenia. The psychiatrists that she saw had told me that the trauma that she endured was more then J can handle and put her on heavy psychotropics. J was a zombie and worse she regressed to the age of 5. Until one day she became violent and refused to take any meds. She ran away. She took to the streets. I had lost my daughter to the streets and to drugs. I was able to get her into a rehab that helped her short term and J did seem to becoming a bit more stable. She started back to school and was making an effort but then she became pregnant. She had a beautiful daughter. J then started having flash backs and hearing things and seeing things. Smells drove her wild. Sounds drove her violent. She took to the streets to self-medicate. And has been there ever since.

Nobody could help J. I have spoke to more people and programs and they all said they couldn't help her or would try but call me a day or two later and tell me to come get her. In 2010 we moved away from the area of the incident thinking that it would help J and it did for a very short time. She became the victim of a human trafficking ring. Again, she was trapped and now without the law I was totally helpless. Because of that she is now blind. I was contacted by the victims advocate in --------- to let me know that there was a program that is interested in helping J, but that J needed to be detoxed. Because of J's disability we were turned away from many detox programs because she is a liability. I put her in a detox at --------  just recently (the only place we found that would take her) and she was to stay to be completely detoxed. They called me in 48 hours later to say she was released. The system again has failed.

J was not completely detoxed. I did notify Brandy and she was there when J was released. (J was sent out because she again was a liability and they were not staffed to help a blind person. We later found out.)


The one person that has stepped up to the challenge was Brandy and her program Live Recaptured. We talked at great length about her program and what she could offer J. When she found out that J was blind and all of J's other challenges Brandy commenced to battling time. Trying to make her place a suitable place for J. Finding programs for the blind and remodeling her home
to accommodate J and her disabilities. Brandy is not only helping our daughter in the very near future, but she has been helping our family.


She has brought back a renewed life for us. We have spent years worrying and praying. Until recently we have been consumed with J and how to help her and how to fight against drugs. I would tell my story to anyone that would listen just to find help and educate others in what I had learned in all these other programs that promise to fix things only to give up in a matter of

Brandy has consistently updated us on the progress she has made in her program. Al the remodeling and new programs to help not just J but others with those disabilities. Brandy has taken, "Helping Others" to a whole new level. Not only has she offered J a home and programs to teach her how to live with her disabilities, but Brandy has given us her heart. She has been praying for our family but more she has been praying with our family. Brandy and Life Recaptured and truly a "God Send"

God Bless,




The Three Phases


If you or someone you know needs help dial our Safe Home Hotline

1-866-321-5515 ext. 3 


If you suspect trafficking activity please dial the National Hotline for Human Trafficking 1-888-373-7888.



When the survivors first arrive they will be welcomed into our "Relief Home". During their stay at the home, they will be given time to rest and learn more about the Life Recaptured program. Here they will be part of a safe and structured group environment where they will decide if they want to enter the residential program.


The next phase of the Life Recaptured program is our "Renewal Residence Home", where we will offer a complete holistic approach, through partnerships and on-site services, to help our survivors become self-sufficient and ready to adapt to society. The residential home prepares them to enter the final stage of our program.


In this final stage, the survivors are given personalized assistance to prepare them for their lives outside of the Life Recaptured residential program, where our relationships will last a lifetime.

Through our program in the safe house, the survivors journey is symbolic to the same journey of a butterfly. The butterfly enters the chrysalis, finds relief, gets renewed, and receives transformation. Our program is a life-long commitment. 

We strive to end modern day slavery with committing to our life-long strategy to our residents, however we cannot do it without you.

Partner with us! Through your generosity, you help us to provide a fully sustained home.


You can donate time, groceries, and other items directly to our Safe Home. To learn more about our Safe Home Food Pantry, click here.

We are in need of the following items currently, for our Safe Home Program. Your support makes the difference. You can group with friends and family to donate towards any of these items.


You can also complete the form below to donate directly to our Safe Home Program, use the comment section if you want your donation to go towards a particular need or item.

  • Kitchen and Dining Volunteers: Volunteers will go through the application process and be background checked. You can offer to teach cooking, cook directly for the residents, and or help with dining themes. You set your schedule. 

  • Food Pantry: Donate to our food pantry. See here.

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Sponsor a resident! When you commit to a recurring monthly donation you do so much more than support Life Recaptured, you are a part of Life Recaptured.

Donating to our groceries costs, our food pantry list, or asking how your impact can make a difference for the recovery of our residents, is another way to greatly change lives!

As you know, food is expensive but it doesn't stop us from striving in our mission. Click the link below to complete our Food Pantry form so that our Safe Home Hospitality Manager can give you more details.

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