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Merritt Island

The Merritt Island Farmers Market at Crisafulli Groves is an outlet for Space Coast and Merritt Islanders to purchase from local growers and producers creating a community around food, Buy Fresh, Buy Local! All vendors are screened before being accepted to ensure that products sold are grown or produced in Florida. Occasionally, we do make exceptions for products that cannot be produced locally if the product represents and supports the purpose, policies, and theme of the Crisafulli Groves Farmer’s Market and the parent Life Recaptured mission. 

The Merritt Island Farmers Market at Crisafulli Groves is located at the home to the Life Recaptured Resale Boutique & Market. With your help, the Farmer’s Market success directly supports the Life Recaptured 501(c)(3) organizations mission which is dedicated to eradicating sex trafficking and restoring lives. Attend, participate – Buy Fresh, Buy Local – help Life Recaptured nonprofit organization with their efforts to operate safe home(s) for human trafficking survivors.

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Merritt Island Farmers Market at Crisafulli Groves is a high-quality market where patrons can shop, eat, and obtain specialty items beyond  just a great bag of produce. It is a place where attendees, our community, can shop with confidence and know that their dollars are supporting local farmers and specialty producers, Buy Fresh, Buy Local!

5515 N Courtenay Pkwy,

Merritt Island,

FL 32953

Our Farmers Market is open Saturday, 9-2 PM.

Please note Saturday schedule above.

 Call us (321) 373-4023, ext. 711

BECOME A VENDOR – Calling all persons with locally grown, raised, or handmade items for our Space Coast and Central Florida newest farmer’s market. Looking for quality, freshness, authenticity from the ones who raise and grow product and produce original goods. If you have locally grown or produced items you would like to offer for sale, apply for a spot! 

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The Merritt Island Farmers Market at Crisafulli Groves is proud to present:

Ron Jon Surf Shop Raffle in support of Life Recaptured

Get your tickets today for the chance to win a custom Ron Jon Surfboard 8' RJ Veneer, fun shape. This prize also includes a gift certificate to Ron Jon Surf Shop!  Purchase Tickets here.
Become a Vendor at Our Farmers Market

Do you have locally grown produce or a unique product that you would like to sell at our market? Simply review the Vendor Agreement and Vender Application then submit to the Market Manager representative, Sandy LePage,


Our vendors are especially important to us and vital to the success of the Crisafulli Groves Farmer’s Market. Partner with us as a vendor, together we can make a difference for our community. 

Applications are reviewed by the Market Manager with input from designated representatives and must be approved before a potential vendor can participate in the Crisafulli Groves Farmer’s Market. Space at the market and the items a vendor offers will be factors in determining approval. Please review the agreement for rules and regulations for participation in the Crisafulli Groves Farmer’s Market prior to submitting your application. 



We are accepting applications for showcase your local produce, florals, and more at our Farmers Market. We welcome our community.

Buying Flowers


This agreement is coupled with the application and must be reviewed and signed before applying. Please read carefully and submit with your application.



Once your application is approved and you have received an approved dates email, please pay for your vendor dates here. We appreciate you.


  • Angry Man's Homemade Granola

  • ApotheCafé, Inc.

  • Banana River Soapworks (inside Boutique only)

  • Beachy Beads (inside Boutique only)

  • Bilbo's Bodacious Salsa

  • Bistro On the Go

  • By Leilany (inside Boutique only)

  • Chef Deuces Premium Pepper Sauces

  • Crisafulli Groves

  • Family Sprouts

  • Goldman Wood Creations & Construction

  • Holmes Goods 

  • Imagination Creation

  • My Green Thumb Plant Shop

  • Past to Present Jewelry

  • Release SARA (inside Boutique only)

  • Space Coast Donut NV

  • Space Coast Mushrooms

  • Teens Thriving Now LLC

  • Wanda's Wonders

Farmers Market



Crisafulli Farms

The History

Crisafulli Groves has been in existence since the early 1900’s when Life Recaptured Co-Founder, Chuck Crisafulli's Grandfather, Carmelo Crisafulli, settled in Merritt Island, Florida and began to plant what would become some of the premier citrus fruit in the world! Chucks Grandpa and Grandma were known as Nona and Noni, as the family are Italian. All of Nona and Noni’s children continued in the citrus business with some grandchildren still invested in the Florida Citrus industry. 

Chuck’s Dad and Mom’s, hard work and their faith in God, has left a family legacy of awesome oranges, grapefruit and specialty fruit that are offered for sale. For many of our customers, their box of Crisafulli Groves fruit is a staple under the Christmas Tree or on the Thanksgiving table. Chuck remembers all the uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. coming over to Aunt Mary and Uncle Ben’s for the holidays and we’d all be walking around the yard with tangerine, or navel or grapefruit juice running all over our chins and down our arms, seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that! The legacy of Crisafulli Groves from our Grandparents, Mom and Dad is our desire to be a blessing to God’s work, it’s only fitting that we can be the backbone of Life Recaptured! 

The Crisafulli Groves Farmer’s Market idea flourished and is realized out of this historic sense of family and community. Supporting Life Recaptured is paramount for the Crisafulli Groves Farmer’s Market efforts to give back to the community and those in need; specifically helping survivors of human trafficking. It is our hope and desire that the Crisafulli Groves Farmer’s Market creates a community around locally grown produce; a country “Town Square” where locals can mix and mingle and act like citizens, neighbors, and friends.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local!

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