Our Board

Brandy Criafulli

Brandy Crisafulli, Founder and CEO of Life Recaptured


Brandy Crisafulli has been a champion for victims of abuse, neglect and those in physical and emotional pain for over twenty years. She has had this burden to facilitate this work with housing for these ladies and children, this is Life Recaptured.

Brandy had an abusive Father that wreaked havoc in their home and only through her strong faith in God and his grace did they even survive. Choosing to never have a victim mentality her heart for those in pain has given a tremendous sense of empathy. As the founder of Life Recaptured she is creating a haven, a safe place, for fellow survivors. Life Recaptured is a place where they can be freed from the tethers of abuse, shame and pain. Brandy and her staff love and nurture them and help them to “recapture” their dreams and aspirations or allow to dream for the very first time!

Brandy is passionate about equipping our residents spiritually, emotionally and physically to step out in to the world and be viable members of society and to help others who have suffered similar types of hurt and abuse.  As an advocate for survivors everywhere, she is dedicated to being a voice in the fight!

Board of Directors

Brandy Crisafulli

Ex-Officio, Founder/CEO

Jennifer Lynne Snyder

Ex-Officio, Executive Director

Steve Crisafulli

Ex-Officio, Former Speaker of the House


Rachel Ann Whitcomb



Susan Margaret Letterman


Chuck Crisafulli

Advisory Board

Ashley Zohar

Attorney, Brown & Zohar Law

Les Ray


Dan Turpin